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Our initiatives aim to reach remotest corners of India and engage local communities to equip them in becoming self-sufficient.


CSS trust has always focused on the success and growth of the children, Women Empowerment, Vocational Training, Education, Healthcare, Plantation and with social awareness.


CSS Trust envisions a world where every child thrives, women are empowered, education transforms lives, healthcare is accessible to all, vocational skills open doors, and our planet flourishes through responsible stewardship and social awareness.


CSS Trust is dedicated to empowering women, providing quality education, improving healthcare access, fostering vocational skills, and raising social consciousness, to create a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Our Team

The Managing Committee of CSS Society is its nerve centre,
steering the society towards a wholesome, efficient and
harmonious existence.

Mr. Mahadeb Ghosh

Founder & Chairman

Mr Ghosh founded CSS Society 23 years ago with a powerful vision that the world would be a better place if more people did the right thing. He is also now Chairman and under his leadership, CSS Society has grown to into a successful transition.

Mr Bablu Jana


Mr Jana joined CSS Society as a secretary since July 2006 and also taken extraordinary initiative for the betterment of the society. Previously, he was associated with social work during Graduation period at Calcutta University.
Under his guidance the society recently became the first non-profit foundation and also cultivated a community of common cause- including diverse leaders from varied fields and all generations.

Dr Bipin Vibhute

Joint Secretary

Dr Vibhute is the joint secretary of CSS Society and previously he served the well known hospital Apollo Chennai since 5 years. At present he is working as Program Director in the Liver Transplant Department, at Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. He always nurtures a culture of moral leadership and principled decision-making that enables individuals to meet profound social and economic changes.

Registered and Empanelled Department

Society Regd. Under Govt. Of India 80G.

Regd. Under Govt. Of India 12AA

Regd. Under Govt. Of India 10AC

Regd. Under LEI Govt. Of India

FCRA Regd. Govt. Of India

Regd. Under NGO Darpan(NITI Aayog)

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