Warming Hearts and Bodies: Blanket Drive

In Ratan Nagar, Prabhurampur, Agartala, Tripura, Chaltakhali Swamiji Seva Sangha (CSS Trust) held a donation camp to provide Blankets to the hard-to-reach and poor communities.

In the harsh cold of winter, we all need to keep ourselves warm and to pass the nights we definitely need a good warm blanket protecting us from the cold chilling night, but many poor people aren’t able to afford such vital winter necessities. So, CSS Trust together with Sarada Development Society programmed a Winter Blanket Distribution camp to provide warm Blankets to the underprivileged villagers.

The donation camp was a success as we were able to distribute a huge number of blankets among the villagers. The villagers were contented and had a sense of relief as they would be able to pass the harsh cold nights of winter under the warmth of their new blankets.

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